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INSTANT COOLING – Woven by 100% soft cool bamboo fiber, with its mesh structure, can evaporate faster than others. Due to excellent evaporation, it’s anti-bacterial and anti- mite. It¡¯s easy to activate the cooling towel by soaking, wringing out and snapping it for 3-5 times. When water evaporates, it cools. It stays chilled at least 3 hours and ensure body temperature below 30 degrees.
EXTRA LONG, AMAZING SOFT, BEST CHOICE FOR SKIN CARE – Two sizes and eight colors make you free to choose. M:100cm x 30cm especially recommended in women and children. L:120cm x 36cm Perfect for men, more than 5’7” height.It’s enough long to cover your shoulders and arms at the same time. It is silky soft despite dry or wet unlike chemical material that dry stiff as cardboard.The soaked fabric is pleasant to touch,rather than awfully dripping wet.So it is really your best choice for skin care.
MULTIPURPOSE – When you move around, tie it on your neck and it plays like chilled scarf. It is anti-UV like a charm as UPF 50 sunscreen. It is tailor-made for athletes, sports fans, body builders in gym, workers at high temperature and pets. It’s also a physical remedy for fever-patients, whom suffering with hot-flashes, patients needing cold therapy after operations.

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