100+ USES: The Ultimate Outdoor Survival Towel: Whether you spend your holidays on a long-distance hike, camping in the backcountry or just wanting to re-stock your bug out kit- a multi-purpose survival tool like this can quite literally save your life. Our towels are also used for washing, water collecting, first aid, kindling, sun protecting, insulating etc. These towels are so versatile that you can swim across the lake, with it in your pocket (in their packets), open it up and start a fire.
COMPACT DURABLE AND LIGHT: If you spend a lot of time in the outdoors like we do; hiking, biking and much more, then you know how important the weight and size of your backpack is. Our towels weigh practically nothing and take up no space. At the size of a silver dollar and the weight of (9 grams) one hundred feathers, you’ll be able to save for more important stuff like food and water. The outer packaging is waterproof and rugged and withstands lots of abuse.
GREAT FABRIC AND EASY TO CLEAN: We use the best Lyocell, which has received numerous awards, including the “European Award for the Environment” by the European Union.” Being outdoors can be sweaty, muddy, dirty and smelly; Lightloads are your go to friend. Simply wipe it away, wash out with water and wring to dry. Ready to wash? It’s easy. Our energy efficient fabric is naturally antibacterial so you don’t always need detergents and bleaches that pollute the water. Just rinse and use. Voila