From thousands of bad reviews under the listings of our competitors, we have summarized a list of improvements which we have implemented when designing our own Travel Umbrella. We have made the following improvements: The Canopy has been upgraded with Dupont Teflon coating; The number of glass fiber ribs on our umbrella has been increased to offer more support; We adopted alloy metal as the material for the shaft to improve durability and quality. The result speaks for itself
Dupont Teflon Technology & Hand sewn – Dupont Teflon is a extrememly waterproof material that is able to repel water or any other elements that you are likely to encounter in an outdoor environment as well as preventing any liquid form from being absorbed into the canopy. Every one of our Umbrella is hand sewn and assembled. Hand swen products are less likely to be unravelled if one loop is broken, which makes it superior to machine sewing
Anti-Flip Wind Resistant- If you are still bothered by the fact that your umbrella turns inside out whenever there is a strong gust, then maybe it is the time you make the switch to HODGSON. HODGSON gives you the wind resistant super lightweight umbrella that is fortified with 10 resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs which may flex slightly to withstand the powerful gusts and allow you to cope with challenging weather conditions with ease

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